Solar system business plan

Very nice PV array sizing tool and solar radiation tool for Europe and Africa. Includes effects of local weather, obstructions,

Solar system business plan

In theory, you understand how photovoltaic PV solar systems work—silicon panels capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. How do you get commercial solar panels installed? Those are all good questions.

solar system business plan

And the answers are not always obvious or easy to find. This is the stuff that takes place before any solar panels arrive. Keep in mind that this is a general guide. Not all these steps will be followed in every situation.

Call the solar company: There are many solar companies, and you should find the ones with a successful track record of solar panel installation. The company rep arrives: The solar panel provider will send a representative to do a preliminary inspection.

This representative should be able to tell you if there are any insurmountable obstacles, like a poor site location, and discuss possible objections by stakeholders.

Usually, any problems can be worked out in the next step: The audit team shows up: Does the proposed site for your solar array get enough sun exposure?

If not, is there another site that will work? Do you already have other types of power generation like gas generators? Is there physical space in your current electrical equipment to tie in a PV solar system to your electrical system?

Or, they may suggest one of the other two main options —installing your solar system on the ground or building a solar carport. The schematic will also show what equipment upgrades might be needed to accommodate the system. Expect a lot of back-and-forth discussion with the audit team as you work out the details.

The project manager steps in: Early in the process, your solar provider will designate a point person who can answer questions and will keep the project rolling. This project manager will handle tasks such as dealing with applications, permits, utilities and paperwork. It will be their job to keep all the parties updated.

Apply to the utility: Once the design gets settled, the project team will seek approval from all the necessary entities—such as the local government or power company—to obtain any permits required for your solar system. The solar provider will also present a schematic to the utilityshowing how your system will work.

The power company is likely to charge an application fee. Exceptionally large systems or complex interconnections can cause these costs to go up. Find out about upgrades: In your application, the utility will be looking to make sure nothing in your plan endangers their infrastructure.

Most of their old equipment was designed to send electricity one way—to the consumer. Most utilities are ready to connect solar to the grid, but some drag their feet.

Yours may expect you to help them pay for upgrades to their equipment. Most of these upgrades are small, when they happen at all.

But some can be large and expensive. And the bigger the solar project, the more likely upgrades will be needed. Again, watch out here for delays.

A Sample Solar Panel Installation Business Plan Template

Fortunately, there are often ways to work around most upgrades. The utility likes your plan, you like your plan and the solar panel provider likes your plan. The construction phase can begin. Count on at least six months to a year.

Some parts of the project will take longer than others.Mapdwell builds software to help everyone work with the sun ®, the sustainable source of energy, light and life.. Solar System ™ is the best solar mapping tool in the world.

Technology developed at MIT. List of 5 Most Profitable Solar Business Ideas #1. Solar Energy Auditing.

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This is a highly knowledge based business. As a solar energy auditor, your primary . Sun Heat solar water heater distributor business plan executive summary. Sun Heat is a start-up company offering solar water heating systems to California residents. Sun Heat will sell two different versions of a solar home water heating system: a do-it-yourself .

Photovoltaic (PV) solar electricity systems have captured a lot of interest as the system components have grown more mature, capable, and reliable.

solar system business plan

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