National service training program

A national service program can provide manpower to supplement existing military bodies in the event of warfare, natural disaster or national emergency. The term National Service became common during the Second World War in Britain, when the entire population were required to register with the Ministry of Labor.

National service training program

National Service Training Program

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Despite progress towards ethnic harmony made in Malaysia in recent times it is clear that there are still problems. Outside the Human Rights Charter Contraventions, other problems are also as follows: After the pilot batch completed its National Service, the youth wing of the Malaysian Chinese AssociationMalaysia's largest ethnic Chinese partyon behalf of themselves and 8 other Chinese-based youth organisations, issued a memorandum to the National Service Training Council calling for more non-Malay trainers.

They also criticised the lack of counsellors, imbalanced diet for the participants, poor communication among the various secretariats and no code of conduct for camp commandants or directors, trainers, facilitators and supervisors.

Other main controversy issues of Malaysian National Service include the selection system where the government computer database system picks up the trainees randomly without even knowing about their social status.

Some cases include poor teenagers who need to work for their living and young mothers with newborn babies who were selected for the program, which are considered as inhumane.

However, selected trainees with extraneous circumstances can send a letter of appeal to be exempted from the training, which will usually be approved.

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Inconcerns were raised in Parliament that youth were being taught to use firearmsnamely M16 riflesin National Service. The firearms module is now a module of the program. Trainees are required to submit a health status declaration form but are not required to seek qualified medical opinion in completing this declaration unlike, for example, United States Space Camp which requires qualified medical certification of health status.

Trainees are required to complete a medical checkup before entering the program, which is provided for free at major government clinics. This medical checkup, however, is not reinforced.

Official reception[ edit ] The program has been plagued with claims of poor management right from its inception. Twenty-three lost their way during a jungle trekking exercise at Asahan Forest Reserve.

The instructor in charge of the group was dismissed with immediate effect for negligence. The incident began when trainees began to fall sick after returning to camp on 28 May, from the Wirajaya module a two-day jungle trekking exercise. Nine trainees fell ill due to food poisoning, with four trainees being warded at Setiu Hospital.

National service training program

The camp's canteen was closed down. Fourteen trainees were warded in the Setiu Hospital, while 53 received outpatient treatment. Four food handlers at the camp also received outpatient treatments at the same hospital. The food was catered from outside, as the camp's canteen had been closed after the 23 May incident when four of the trainees were warded for food poisoning.

Accompanied by her father, the trainee lodged a police report and underwent a medical check-up the next day and did not return to camp. As of one week later, camp authorities were purportedly pressuring the trainee to return to training.

Following this incident, 17 trainees were arrested by police and held at Pekan district police lock-up for two days before being released after meeting their parents.

The incident traumatised the youth because it violated his religious rights kesh.

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It is under probe ordered by the Defence Ministry. One of the NS trainees found worms in the food served at the camp.

Died on 11 June after being admitted to the hospital on 23 May due to having fits. Her death was attributed to viral meningoencephalitis.

Sarimuthu was paid RM 32, · The NSTP has three components: the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), the Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), and the Literacy Training Service (LTS). Students are required to take two NSTP courses under the component of his/her choice,  · The National Service Training Programme, or Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN), known locally as the Khidmat Negara ("National Service") was Malaysia's national service program under the Barisan Nasional mtb15.comy · Selection of conscripts · List of National Service Training NSTP is a program designed to develop the youth’s physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being and promote defense preparedness and ethics of service while undergoing training in any of its three program components.

A national service program can provide manpower to supplement existing military bodies in the event of warfare, natural disaster or national term National Service became common during the Second World War in Britain, when the entire population were required to The National Service Training Program (NSTP), is a civic education and defense preparedness program students instituted by the Government of the Philippines on 5 January by virtue of Republic Act , otherwise known as the "National Service Training Program .

· National Service, –59 – Fact sheet In the context of the intensification of the Cold War in Europe, Communist insurgency and success in South-East Asia, and the declaration of war in Korea, the Menzies government sponsored the National Service Act

National Service, - Fact sheet – National Archives of Australia, Australian Government