How to write an abstract for a scientific poster

The embargo lifted this morning, so you can read the abstract here or read below for the content from the poster to get insight from outcomes observed by those individuals who self-built hybrid closed loop artificial pancreases and insights we hope the healthcare provider community and diabetes community can learn from. The patients have been using these systems outside of any clinical trial setting for more thantotal hours. It has allowed patients and caregivers remarkable improvements in quality of life due to increased time in range, uninterrupted sleep, and peace of mind.

How to write an abstract for a scientific poster

Conference posters are summaries.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Poster are condensed versions of a scientific story. Posters should be something that you can walk someone through in a few minutes. Posters should be self contained: But many research stories are complex.

This means that you are often pressed for space on a poster, even if the conference organizers have generously sized poster boards. Abstracts are useful things for scientific papers: They are useful for conference booklets for the same reason.

You can look at the poster itself. This seems to arise out of the unrelenting desire to make everything follow the standard format of academic papers. But posters are not papers. Now, some conferences deliberately instruct poster presenters to put conference abstracts on their posters.

In the past, I have done this because I want to follow instructions. But I have had it with that. Nobody ever checks posters. Putting an abstract on a conference poster is liking writing a haiku about a limerick. Related posts Photo by elod beregszaszi on Flickr ; used under a Creative Commons license.

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Main Elements of a Poster • Title (same as submitted abstract) • Name and Campus • Core Technical Content • Abstract • Introduction • Results. So You Need to Write an Abstract An abstract is a concise summary of your research, but not just any summary.

It is a summary of your project intended for other researchers, both within your field of study and from other scientific disciplines. If the abstract was due the day of the conference, presumably you would want to have results before submitting the abstract.

What about a week?

How to drive home your science with a visually pleasing poster

A month? 6 months? Where is the line?

how to write an abstract for a scientific poster

Finally there is the issue of integrity. While one can write the abstract to make no promises and only state the current truth, this is in fact difficult.

Good abstract writing is a key skill for scientists, as it is also necessary for conferences, grant proposals, and job interviews, so take your time and really think about how to make an impact.

how to write an abstract for a scientific poster

Next month: We look at how to explain the background of your research in the introduction. Abstract is an important part of the writing task or oral presentation because it helps to introduce the topic of the research.

A successful abstract provides its readers with a brief overview of the presentation, helps them to understand the further development of the writer’s idea and the relevance of it in order to decide whether to continue reading the whole presentation.

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