Fashion industry in india business report

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Fashion industry in india business report

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Capitalising on the long experience in the manufacture of textiles, many Hong Kong companies also engage in textiles trading. It is also strong in cotton spinning, denim weaving, knit-to-shape panel knitting and fine-gauge cotton knit manufacturing. Of the top 10 destinations for textiles exported from Hong Kong, nine of them were in Asia, with the Chinese mainland being the predominant export market.

Industry Features [1] The textiles industry — comprising spinning, weaving, knitting and finishing of fabrics — had a total of manufacturing establishments as of Marchemploying 2, workers or 2.

The textiles industry is one of Hong Kong's major export earners, accounting for 1. In recent years, traditional markets, such as the US, the EU and Japan, have rendered textiles exporters from developing countries, including ASEAN and Bangladesh, more preferential market access, which has in turn impaired the competitiveness of Hong Kong manufacturers.

Along with rising labour costs and more rigorous environmental regulations on the Chinese mainland, an increasing number of Hong Kong textiles manufacturers have relocated their production of lower-end and mass products to Southeast Asian countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Their manufacturing operations in Hong Kong are focused on sophisticated and high value-added items, including quality ring-spun, open-end yarn, fine gauge knitted fabrics as well as complicated dyed and printed fabrics. To enhance competitiveness in the global market, some Hong Kong textiles companies have formed a strategic partnership with indigenous Chinese companies.

For instance, some of them have joined forces with mainland cotton suppliers in producing cotton textiles. Hong Kong's textiles industry is a major supplier to the local clothing industry.

Producing textiles locally, Hong Kong textile manufacturers have an advantage in accommodating orders from local garment manufacturers in short notice.

Of the top 10 export destinations, nine of them were in Asia. Sales Channels Hong Kong is both a leading production centre and a global hub for clothing sourcing. As such, Hong Kong's textiles industry is well positioned to serve both local and overseas clothing manufacturers and merchandisers.

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While many Hong Kong textile manufacturers and traders supply their products to the clothing manufacturers in Asia, particularly on the mainland, international textile companies are using Hong Kong as a gateway to promote their products to other Asian economies.

The industry is capable of producing either a wide range of quality products in bulk or specialised items within a short lead-time for varied applications. Its competitive edge lies in the superb quality and swift response to fashion trends and market demand.

The industry has also earned a worldwide reputation for unique quality, expertise, workmanship and flexibility. Hong Kong is an ideal one-stop shopping centre for buyers looking for new and trendy fabric materials. Organised by the HKTDC, the Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair offers a wide range of high-quality products such as bathroom textile, bedroom textile, kitchen textile, carpet and floor covering.

It is a specialist platform, giving exhibitors and buyers of home textiles immediate access to markets in Asia and beyond.3D Printing Industry in India: The Current Scenario the first 3D printing business in India which was finally com report, the 3D printing industry is still maturing with many local.

fashion industry in india business report

According to the India Business of Fashion Report , the Indian fashion retail market which was worth Rs. 2,97, crores (Rs lakh crores or $46 billion) in will grow at a world.

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Future of Indian Retail Industry Introduction Retail in India - The Past, Present and Future Retailing and Trends for — The Outlook The economic meltdown- Its impact on Indian Retailing Indian retail industry - a promising future for the investments Conclusion.

The Fashion Trend Report is compiled from our most updated category of trends. The realm of fashion and style has seen much change over the past year, with fast fashion, internet culture and mass diversification changing the psychological drivers of what's cool. Regardless, the world of haute.

Instant Access to Complete Market Research for the Retailing Industry, Statistics, Revenues, Chain Stores, Trends, and Mailing Lists. India's fashion industry is growing in prominence, but it still has some way to go before becoming a global player.

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