Carnival paper

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Carnival paper

Once you have decided on the features you would like to add to your basic mask, cut these shapes out of cardboard and attach them with masking tape. Have a look at my photos above to see what some children came up with.

Attach a coloured popsicle stick to the side so you can hold the mask up to your face when completed. This helps you keep track of when you have completed a layer.

For this project, 3 layers should be plenty so you can start with one layer of paper towel, followed by a second layer of newspaper, and a final layer of paper towel.

Also, make sure you tear your strips because the edges will work better than cut pieces. Dip your strips in the paste and make sure to remove any excess before adding to your mask. Once you have completed your 3 layers, leave until completely dry before painting.

This can take several days depending on the humidity levels where you are. Whether you use tempera, gouche or acrylic is up to you.

Carnival paper

I tend to prefer acrylic paint, but keep in mind it is very difficult to remove from clothing. I keep old t-shirts around for children to wear when using them. Once your paint has dried, you can use a glue gun to attach feathers and ribbons.

Glitter glue also adds a nice touch.9+Carnival Party Flyers. Planning to throw a carnival-themed party? Thank your lucky stars. Given these common dispositions, a carnival flyer must bring out the spirit of a carnival with just a piece of paper. As you can see from our templates, carnival as a theme is used in various purposes.

A carnival flyer will not be complete with a. Carnival Paper Mâché Masks February is carnival time and Rio, the Caribbean Islands, New Orleans, and Venice are all celebrating.

This project involves making some great paper mâché masks, inspired by the centuries-old celebration in Venice.

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Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. (8 pcs./unit) 3 1/2" 9 oz. FX Exclusive.

Carnival Party Prep and Printables. It's official; my baby turned five yesterday. The carnival party I have been preparing since January is mere days away and the forecast is not looking good for the weekend. The drought broke a week too early for my liking and I am trying not to panic.

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