Business systems hoosier burger essay

Bob and Thelma bought the restaurant and their own restaurant was brought to life Hoosier Burger Restaurant.

Business systems hoosier burger essay

Bob and Thelma quickly made arrangements to purchase the business, and Hoosier Burger Restaurant was born. The restaurant is moderately sized, consisting of a kitchen, dining room, counter, storage area, and office.

Currently, all paperwork is done by hand.

Business systems hoosier burger essay

Thelma and Bob have discussed the benefits of purchasing a computer system; however, Bob wants to investigate alternatives and hire a consultant to help them.

Perishable food items, such as beef patties, buns, and vegetables are delivered daily to the restaurant. Other items, such as napkins, straws, and cups, are ordered and delivered as needed. The stock log form helps Bob track inventory items.

The stock log form is updated when deliveries are received and also nightly after daily sales have been tallied. Customers place their orders at the counter and are called when their orders are ready.

The orders are written on an order ticket, totaled on the cash register, and then passed to the kitchen where the orders are prepared. The cash register is not capable of capturing point- of- sale information. Once an order is prepared and delivered, the order ticket is placed in the order ticket box.

Bob reviews these order tickets nightly and makes adjustments to inventory. Because the inventory control and customer ordering systems are paper-based, errors occur frequently.

These errors often affect delivery orders received from suppliers as well as customer orders. Bob has often wanted to have electronic access to forecasting information, inventory usage, and basic sales information. Bob and Thelma are aware of the excellent consulting service BBS is providing to the Bloomington area.

During rush periods, customers sometimes wait 15 minutes to place an order and may wait an additional 25 minutes to receive their order. Low-in-stock inventory items are often not reordered in a timely CSC Systems Analysis and Design 2 fashion, thus creating problems with the food preparation.

For instance, vanilla ice cream is used to prepare vanilla malts, an item that accompanies the Hoosier Burger Special. Last week, Bob did not order enough vanilla ice cream, resulting in a last- minute dash to the grocery store. Bob and Thelma have expressed their feelings that a new information system will be beneficial in the areas of inventory management, marketing, customer service, and food preparation.

Additionally, the project team discussed with Bob and Thelma the possibility of implementing a point-of- sale system as an alternative design strategy.

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Six months ago, BBS hired you as a junior systems analyst for the firm. During your six months with BBS, you have had the opportunity to work along-side several senior systems analysts and observe the project management process.

On a Friday afternoon, you learned that you had been assigned to the Hoosier Burger project and that the lead analyst on the project is Juan Rodriquez. You will be participating in the project management process.

Rodriquez has scheduled a meeting with you to review the project management process. You know from your brief discussion with Mr. Rodriquez that you will be asked to prepare various planning documents for the project.

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Tasks you must complete: Each task should be completed in a separate document. Create a folder called yourlastnameCPP1. Save all the completed files there should be 14 in this folder for submission. The name you MUST assign to each file is enclosed in parentheses at the end of each requirement.

When you are finished you need to compress the file into a zipped folder for submission. I will only accept. Decompose Hoosier Burger into its major subsystems and write a description of each subsystem.

List the users of the system and describe their interaction with the system.

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Develop a Project Charter for the project. Develop a Service Request Form for use by Hoosier Burger personnel to request future changes or corrections to the system. Using the following information. Assume the project is set to start on September 1, Racial slurs for the whole family, impress your friends with your vast knowledge of hate!

Problems and Exercises Problems week 4 •Chapter 7, Problems/Exercises, Questions 5, 16, and The dropbox for this assignment is “Week 4: Problems and Exercises”.

Prepare an agenda for a meeting at which you would present the findings of the analysis phase of. Name Instructor Course Date The Benefits of Food Processing Outweigh its Drawbacks Food processing is an integral part of the modern economy because it makes food products that are otherwise seasonal, available throughout the year.

Hoosier Burger Case. anish.


Sdlc. MGMT Business Systems Analysis They change because they need to be 1) Why is the systems development life cycle (SDLC) losing credibility? Answer: The systems development life cycle (SDLC) process is falling out of favor in the systems development community.

or more is known. INF Week 3 Assignment Hoosier Burger Case Part 3 Read the Hoosier Burger scenario on page in Chapter Five of the text and address the following in a two-to-four page paper, not including the title page and references page.

Business systems hoosier burger essay

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